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If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated because you know your desire is to help and impact young people’s lives, you can stop feeling overwhelmed today.   If your heart's desire is to mentor youth through a licensed group home for children or youth, we can help you.  Our experienced consultants can help you get licensed in your state. 

Our PowerfulSTART licensing program includes state licensing research, customized policy and procedure manual, completion of licensing application forms, attachments and operation's forms.  We can help with the steps to get you licensed as a group home for youth based on your particular state's rules and regulations.   Programs we license include at-risk children, transitional living program (TLP) and independent living program (ILP).  Our licensing consultants will process your EIN number, business incorporation name, and research your specific state licensing and approval process.  Our customized policy and procedure manuals are based on your state's specific rules, regulations and requirements for compliance.  We do not provide licensing for commercial buildings, only residential.

Benefits of using Care Enterprise, LLC: 

  1. You can relax and stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious, because we will do most the work for you.
  2. We free up your time and energy to work on other pressing matters.
  3. Our program is not generic, takes time, energy and experience to research, create and develop your materials just for you.  
  4. Our licensing program comes with 12-months of unlimited email and phone support from the day you sign your agreement.
  5. Our PowerfulSTART licensing paperwork is usually completed, on our end, within 90 days, if no delays.
  6. If for some reason the state request revisions or changes, we will make them free of charge.

You will also be coached and consulted to complete assigned task that only you can do to complete the licensing process.  In other words, you will do the local running around with guidance from your consultant.   Our PowerfulSTART program provides hands-on work, consulting, and coaching for 12 full months from the date you sign your agreement.

PowerfulSTART Benefits INCLUDES:  A Comprehensive Program Materials

      1.   EIN number
      2.   LLC or Incorporation 
      3.   NPI (if applicable)
      4.   Completion of state licensing application paperwork and required attachments
      5.   Customized policy and procedure manual (See sample of ILP policy manual)
      6.   Create customized floor plan (See sample floor plan)
      7.   12-month customized budget
      8.   15 standard operation's forms (unless customized forms are requested for a your state)
      9.   4 weeks of menus
      10. A sample resident binder (Mailed via Fedex or USPS)
      11. A sample procedure binder (Mailed via Fedex or USPS)
      12. A list of documents that will go in employee's personnel file
      13. An employee handbook
12-months of unlimited phone and email consulting starting the day your contract agreement is signed
      15. BONUSE-book (128 pages) "12 Steps to Eliminate Debt Forever" by Sharman G. Lawson
      16. BONUSAudio Seminar - "Make 6-Figures Pay Little to No Taxes" (1.25 hours)

How Do I Get Licensed Using Care Enterprise Consulting Program?
If you are interested in hiring our consulting firm to help you get licensed call or email our office and ask to have a no-obligation proposal emailed to you.  

  1. First, we send you a proposal spelling out in black and white what you are investing in, our deliverables, payment terms and project start and end date.
  2. Once you review proposal and decide to move forward just sign, date and email the agreement to our office.
  3. The agreement investment can be made in 12, or 3 installment payments over 60 days via paypal invoice or using a credit card.
  4. Our customized policy and procedure manuals will take a minimum of 30 days to complete from start to finish.

Our Consulting Program Fee Does Not Include:

  1. Fees for state, city, county, business license, business plan and liability insurance
  2. Resumes (if applicable), resident handbook and orientation handbook
  3. Commercial properties, only residential
  4. If licensing process is more complex than normal, or more comprehensive steps are involved than normal the price may increase 
  5. Licensing for home health care agencies
  6. Medicaid enrollment application process 

NOTE:  Some states do not require that you have the group home or facility address before you submit the initial paperwork and attachments.  States that do require the provider have the actual home or facility, must already have their home confirmed and pre-approved by the city or county stating the home is zoned properly and permitted to operate as a 24/7 residential care homes, before we will officially sign consulting program licensing agreement.

PowerfulSTART Licensing Program Investment:  $10,995

Customized Policy and Procedure Manuals:  $2,700

  1. Researched
  2. Specifically based on state's rules, regulations and codes
  3. Takes 15-30 days to complete policy manual from start to finish
  4. 50% of fee is due to start project and 50% of fee is due before it is emailed to client
  5. When the policy manual is 80% done a sample will be emailed in Microsoft Word format
  6. Includes 15 standard operations forms based on program license (unless state required customized forms)
  7. All manuals get started with a call or email to request a written proposal

Hourly Consulting:  $175/hour

  1. Consulting sessions are scheduled
  2. Calls can be scheduled for 30 minutes (50% of hourly rate) or 60 minutes
  3. Payment is due 24 hours before call or right before call via credit card or Paypal
  4. If call goes over purchased time, extra time can be purchased in 15-minute increments

Call 770-966-5236 for a FREE 10-minute Consultation Today!

Success Tip...

Play after you do the work.  Take care of business and make things happen.   Success comes when you work hard, play hard and then take time to relax.   ~ Care Enterprise, LLC


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