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Consultants to License the Group Home Industry

Our license consulting program include one of our consultants completing the paperwork, submitting on CONNECT, customized policy and procedure manualsattachments, and forms, operations and new hire forms, 12-month projected budget, resident and employee handbook, group home handbookchecklist to set up home, and more. We take the guess work out of the licensing process.   

License Consulting Program for the State of VIRGINIA:  (The address of the group home is required towards the end of the license process) 

Our documents are customized based on the checklist that is specific to the state rules, regulations, codes, and standards for the State of Virginia. Our license consulting program includes:

Research and Submission - We have interpreted state regulations, rules, steps, and compliance standards for your specific state. After all the initial licensing paperwork is completed we will give you all the files to submit via the CONNECT online portal.

Customized Policy Manuals - Virginia requires two manuals, which includes an operations and human rights manual.  All of our policy and procedure manuals are customized, not generic, and follows the State of Virginia's policy review checklist. Our manuals are customized to Virginia's rules, regulations, standards, and codes.

Operations and New Hire Forms - Virginia requires operations and new hire forms in order to run and operate your licensed group home.  The operations forms are specific to the rules and regulations for licensing approval, page-by-page and line-by-line.

Group Home Handbook - We provide a 52-page group home handbook to help understand what is entailed financially, tax benefits, marketing, operations, tips on how to run your business daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and mistakes to avoid. 

Employee Handbook - A standards employee handbook. 

Resident Handbook - A standards resident handbook that meets the State of Virginia's current HCBS community settings rules.    

Home Setup - We provide a 47+ point inspection checklist to set up the home.

Binders and Files - We give you the the Table of Contents to create the two binders that must be presented at the onsite inspection.  The binder documents come from the licensing forms and/or policy manual.

Call 770-575-4149 to request a written proposal.

Breakdown of License Application Program

  1. us downloading paperwork, completing paperwork, and you receiving licensing documents and forms to upload on CONNECT online portal. 
  2. you receiving the license application files to uploaded on CONNECT online portal.
  3. a customized and personalized policy and procedure manual 
  4. the application attachments (Program services, 12-month projected budget, staffing plan, job descriptions, and required policies)
  5. the operations and new hire forms 
  6. an employee handbook 
  7. a resident handbook 
  8. a group home handbook (52 pages on operations, marketing, budget, mistakes to avoid and more)

Human Right Documents

  1. a customized and personalized human rights policy manual
  2. a human rights complaint policy 
  3. a human rights compliance form with email content for client to submit to the human rights division for approval

Onsite Review Prep Documents

  1. a 47 point checklist to set up home for onsite inspection approval.
  2. a sample staffing schedule and director file for onsite review checklist.
  3. a sample individual file for onsite review checklist.
  4. a sample staff file for onsite review checklist.  
  5. the table of contents and instruction for client to create sample resident binder and procedure binder for onsite inspection.
  6. we will instruct client in all the documents needed for the onsite review prep checklist for approval by the state. 


Click Here to learn more about Virginia group home license process. 

Samples of Our Work

  1. Policy Manual - Click Here
  2. Operations Forms - Click Here
  3. 12-Month Budget - Click Here
  4. Menus - Click Here

What to Know About Our License Consulting Program:

  • AGREEMENT DOES NOT INCLUDE:  Fees for state licensing application (if applicable); city and county fees, financial statement, background clearance, business plan, business license fee, creation of resumes, county, city, land use permit process (if applicable), HCBS self-assessment process, and Medicaid enrollment process are not included in the scope of work listed above. 

Benefits of Using Care Enterprise, LLC

  1. Our customized license documents are not generic. 
  2. The license documents takes time, energy, and experience to develop and customize.  
  3. We stand by our work, reputation, and the integrity of what we produce.

Call 770-575-4149 to request a written proposal.

How to Get the Process Started:

  • Request a written proposal for review and consideration.
  • A formal proposal will emailed within 48 hours or two business days.
  • If you are in agreement with the terms and conditions of the proposal; sign, date, and return the proposal via email to our office.
  • Then we will sign, date, and email the executed agreement to you for your records.
  • 50% of payment is due to hold a spot on our project calendar, and every 30-days thereafter two additional payments are due until paid in full.
  • Once Client has received first set of documents, materials, and/or consulting services payment(s) are all nonrefundable.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit, and DO NOT accept checks, money orders, western union, or other type of card payments.
  • Email or CALL: 770-575-4149 to get started today! 

Success Tip...

Play after you do the work.  Take care of business and make things happen.   Success comes when you work hard, play hard and then take time to relax.   ~ Care Enterprise, LLC

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